Innovation with commitment

LCA Automation AG is committed to develop innovative solutions. Our specialists embrace the challenges that your business offers them and they will bring the development to your satisfaction.

LCAlive! – The solution for virtual presence

LCAlive! is a video support system designed by us. It could be called the GoPro for the industrial business – with the slight difference that the transmission occurs in real time!

The system enables a quick and simple streaming of a live video via Internet to one or more computers. When a technician cannot solve a problem he simply starts LCAlive! by putting on the helmet and his peers in the office can take action with him, seeing what he sees. They can take high resolution pictures and videos at the workplace, while talking to him. The procedure is simple and efficient – as if the assisting person would be standing right next to you.


  1. live transmission of picture and sound to one or multiple support staff
  2. quick and uncomplicated visual and acoustic evaluation of the situation
  3. real time transmission of picture and sound
  4. mobile and very easy to handle, all packed in a bring along hard case
  5. connection via cellular network or plant Wi-Fi
  6. high quality pictures and videos, even with poor internet connection, SD card storage on helmet

Preferred field of application:

  1. Maintenance and support in the industry
  2. Construction industry, tunnels, railroad, traffic
  3. Logistics and flow systems
  4. Safety and rescue organizations


  1. Service and Support (process surveillance, problem solving)
  2. Information and control

LCA Condition Monitoring for predictive maintenance and reporting

LCA monitoring enables us to surveil the status of our global equipment. Such a surveillance system reduces down time, as facilities are often operated on a run-to-failure principle. This bears the risk of unwanted stop of production. Our development target was to reduce this risk to the minimum.

In order to check the condition of an assembly line, we analyze the existing sensor technology on the line. Current, tension and rotation position can be analyzed from the frequency convertor of the servo axis. Pressure level fluctuation and cycle time variation of the pneumatic cylinders give us helpful data to judge the condition of your installation. The combined analyzed data allows active predictive maintenance and process control rather than hectic reaction after unwanted stops.

The exact data analysis proves to be a great challenge, as a large installation consists of more than 100 pneumatic cylinders, over 30 axes, numerous transportation systems, et cetera. The quality of the data algorithm is the key for the development of the condition monitoring system. Our aim is to cooperate with you to adapt the software to maximize the benefits of data acquisition and analysis.  Custom made reports can address the different groups involved in production: operators, maintenance personel, shop floor management and executives.