Zwei LCA-Mitarbeiter stehen vor einer automatischen Rundtaktanlage.
Lean Customized Automation –
Individual solutions from
LCA Automation AG
Zwei LCA-Mitarbeiter stehen inmitten einer Rundtaktanlage.
custom built machines
for highest

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Software solutions
for process control

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Lean Customized Automation –
individuelle Lösungen von
LCA Automation AG
Spezifisch entwickelte
Bearbeitungs- und

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zur Steuerung von
Anlagen und Systemen

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Your specialist for Lean Customized Automation for 50 years

LCA Automation AG has been developing and building custom built machines, test benches and assembly lines since 1972.

Our production systems are state of the art and innovative, whilst offering highest availability and reliability. We are proud to deliver turnkey systems to customers serving successful key markets. They can rely on us for service, spare parts management and future development of their production equipment.

We permanently monitor the relevant innovations and technologies and employ them to your benefit.
We honor the value of our skilled workforce by executing an apprenticeship program that is enshrined in our corporate strategy.

Discover in our image film what LCA Automation AG has specialized in over the last 50 years.

Years of experience
Machines worldwide
Mann lehnt an Maschine

A picture from the 1980s: An employee leans on a completed machine for the Lötfitting company. Later on the machine was moved to Georg Fischer AG. Both companies used it to expand copper pipe arches for gas and water pipes. In the end, the machine was in operation in South Africa.

3D-Betondruck-Portal gebaut von LCA Automation AG

The 3D concrete printer: Built by LCA Automation AG in Küssnacht am Rigi in operation since 2021 at Affentranger AG in Wiedlisbach.

Highlights from 50 years of company history

1972 Establishment of LCA Machine Construction as a department of Spälti AG in Obfelden, Zurich. The department develops and installs special purpose machines and factory automation equipment.
1973 The oil crisis, currency reforms, import restrictions and emerging countries that produce more cheaply are weakening the Swiss textile industry. Under these circumstances, the textile company Heberlein & Co. AG from Wattwil reorganizes itself, selling LCA Maschinenbau to André R. Röthlisberger-Federer.
1980s First cooperation with thyssenkrupp Presta AG which lasts until today. The cycle times of our systems have been continuously optimized ever since.
1989 Antonio Chicherio takes over the LCA Automation AG.
2010 Christoph A. P. Rennhard acquires 100% of LCA Automation AG shares and leads the company as CEO and owner. He extends the software department and positions the company as a general contractor. Together with thyssenkrupp Presta AG LCA Automation AG continues to deliver assembly lines and test benches to the automotive industry.
2011 The first sliding shaft assembly line is delivered to Mexico.
2015 LCA Automation AG moves to its new headquarter on Erlistrasse 3 in Küssnacht am Rigi, Switzerland.
2019 Sika AG teams up with LCA Automation AG as an industry partner to push the construction and developement of a 3D concrete printer.
2021 Affentranger Bau AG in Wiedlisbach is the first Swiss customer to put a LCA Automation AG produced 3D concrete printing system into operation.
2021 11 sliding shaft assembly lines have been built and delivered by LCA Automation AG.
2022 LCA Automation AG is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

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