Assembly –Custom built machines for process automation

High productivity factory assembly lines

Would you like to automate your operations? We have the highest, multiple proven competence in the construction of automated assembly lines. LCA develops unique know how and skills in engineering and planning. These highly productive installations give our OEM customers their competitive edge. Our equipment offers in line process analyses, custom made and adaptable “Human-Machine-Interface” solutions, one hundred per cent data tracking and standard database connection. Every single process is being surveilled and all processes meet the highest standards. Our main focus lies on:

Factory assembly lines-competences

  1. Factory automation for automotive OEMs
  2. Custom built machines
  3. Process analysis, feasibility studies and database connection with monitoring and reporting tools

Flexible production with robots

Robots can do more than just handling and positioning. They process materials with a high degree of freedom, reliably and repeatedly. They are able to adopt changes to the production process more easily than rigid transfer lines. Therefore, they are a good choice for production and assembly tasks that require a high amount of flexibility.

Interlinked assembly lines – fully automized or combined with operator assisted processes

Interlinked assembly lines present the perfect opportunity for automizing different processes. On the one hand, there are the manual processes, which have to be executed through an operator; on the other hand, automized follow-up processes are possible as well. Due to this flexible design, your needs in factory automation will be met. Interlinked assembly lines are easily accessible and both maintenance and conversion are always possible. In order to allow the tracking of data, we either work with DMC or RFID coded work piece carrier or we mark the work pieces while processing or packing.

Customer solution: safety relevant parts or assemblies, which are mounted and quality checked on LCA factory automation lines, help to steer millions of cars to the right direction.

Rotary transfer systems – fast, efficient and compact

Rotary transfer systems are designed for large numbers of units and short cycle times. They use minimal space and offer a fast and high level of automation. Manual labour is reduced to a minimum and often limited to loading and unloading stations. However, the flexibility for expansion and changes is lower as with the interlinked assembly lines.

Case study: The four stations sprocket assembly includes automated loading of sorted and oriented parts by using feeder pots and conveyor systems. The whole process chart is visualised on the control panel and data collection is active.

Case study: Potato peeler: This Swiss design classic is used in numerous kitchens around the world. All potato peelers are assembled on LCA’s rotary transfer systems.

Operator workplaces – semi-automated solution for stand alone or complementary to assembly line

Semi-automated custom built modules or machines present an alternative or an addition to fully automatized machines.  The operator handles the work piece; initiates the automated processes, and unloads the finished part or assembly. Operator workplaces are ideal for small numbers of parts or for flexible additional tasks that are complementary to the factory assembly line. LCA Automation AG consults you for your need of semi-automated workplaces and trains your staff accordingly.