Intelligent solutions for  factory automation control systems

In-house software development is the key to successful factory automation solutions. We apply both traditional and object-oriented methods. Our software team is steadily growing and gets ready for the future now!

Whether it’s a conveyor system or a rotary table with parts loading by robots: our software platform can handle it elegantly. We are also familiar with state-of-the-art transport systems such as XTS and XPlanar from Beckhoff. In addition to pneumatic and electric axes, we are experienced in position-controlled hydraulic axes with several tonnes of press force. In cooperation with our process engineers, we successfully implement our customers’ requirements.

We visualize your process: data, such as force-displacement curves, can be recorded, stored and evaluated by our software.

Our core competence lies in the design of assembly lines or production systems for the automotive industry. We have successfully implemented our custom-built machines in various growing markets, such as food industry, aviation and medical.

Software Competences

  1. requirement analysis and feasibility study
  2. PLC programming, sensor implementation and controls
  3. robotics
  4. immage processing systems and vision control
  5. motion control (elektrical and hydraulic)
  6. transport systems XTS and XPlanar, conveyor and robot handling
  7. process data capturing and visualisation
  8. data processing and ERP interface
  9. Anbindung an Leitsystem
  10. Industry 4.0 applications
  11. CNC control integration
  12. commissioning, production monitoring, service and support
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Systems and languages

World class control systems that have proven themselves in practice for decades – such as Beckhoff and Siemens, our daily business!

Our know-how includes:

  1. text-based PLC programming (ST/SCL) according toIEC 61131
  2. graphical PLC programming (KOP, FBS/FUP, AS) according to IEC 61131
  3. web-bades HMI programming
  4. high-level languages C#, .NET, Python
Das LCA Human Machine Interface.

Proprietary software platform LCA-NGP (New Generation Platform)

Our proprietary platform is based on PackML from OMAC and thus builds on a widely used industry standard. The LCA New Generation Platform – abbreviated as LCA-NGP – offers flexible use in a wide variety of architectures and application areas. The LCA-NGP can solve everything – the fully automated assembly line with batch size one, the manually operated test bench or the CNC-controlled additive manufacturing.

Our software engineers develop the appropriate visualisations for you. This can be a control panel for an assembly line, a picture or text-based user guidance at manual workstations or the display of a process evaluation and surveillance. Today’s wireless technology enables you to safely monitor or operate the system from your laptop or tablet if requested.

Industry 4.0

We can collect, visualise and analyse your process data to your needs. In this way, we contribute to the continuous improvement of your products and processes. We offer further possibilities for the connection of control systems and the vertical integration from the PLC to the ERP – via database, web application or cloud solution.


No matter whether you want flexible and fast handling solutions, move heavy and large parts or apply process media, maybe all of these in combination with real time vision control: we can solve your task with robots from ABB, Stäubli and Fanuc. We achieve flexibility through the use of electric grippers, camera systems and state-of-the-art sensors and actuators.

Our high speed and compact pick and place systems are true champions! Ask for a demonstration.

Ein Roboterarm der Firma Stäubli.

Image processing systems

We use image processing systems in a variety of applications. Vision control can be used to verify data matrix codes, identify and measure products, their alignment and their precise position and supervise correct assembly. Our preferred system is TwinCAT Vision from Beckhoff, combined with industrial grade cameras from Cognex or Keyence.

Flexible transport

We use modern and flexible transport systems such as XTS or XPlanar from Beckhoff and thus enable fast, precise and highly flexible work piece transport. With these transport systems, parts can be clearly identified and individually positioned. Batch size one can be achieved with the same efficiency as mass production. The XPlanar offers maximum positioning and movement degree of freedom: with this system the transportation of your automation system can be fundamentally redesigned, including up to 30W power on the free-floating mover.

Das XTS-Transportsystem in einer LCA-Anlage.
CNC Integration

CNC control integration

For specialised additive manufacturing (3d printing) in our gantry system we integrate PC controlled CNC Kernel. We make this possible with the latest CNC software from Beckhoff. We can integrate the control into our web-based HMI and your system can thus be operated seamlessly.

An automated connection of classic CNC controls – such as Heidenhain TNC640 – will make your CNC specialists feel at home!

Support and service

All systems can be contacted by WLAN, protected by your choice of VPN or fire wall. Remote diagnosis reduces the response time in the event of a malfunction and saves the system operator costly interventions. We offer suitable support and service contracts for fast and efficient assistance.

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