Intelligent solutions for process control systems

Software is increasingly important for both custom built machines and building automation. In the past programmable logic controllers (PLCs) were implemented using simplified programming languages. Today, high-level language programming enables object-oriented approaches. Our software department is on top of todays requirements and ready for the future.

Whether interlinked assembly lines, rotary table transfer systems or robot assisted modules, our software platform enables any layout. In addition to pneumatic and electric axles, we do not hesitate implementing hydraulic cylinders with a pressing force of several tons. In cooperation with our process engineers, we successfully implement even the most complex and demanding processes.

Software competences

  1. Feasibility analysis
  2. PLC programming
  3. Robotics, simulation
  4. Measuring and control technology
  5. Data recording and evaluation, graphic result display
  6. Connection to the MIS or data analysis
  7. Industry 4.0
  8. Commissioning & Support

The recording of process data such as, for example, force-displacement diagrams and their evaluation in a control system, are mostly included. Apart from our core competence, the design and build up of factory assembly lines for the automotive industry, we have also been successful in the food industry, in aerospace, railroad and medical industry.

Systems and languages

We use thoroughly tested and validated control systems, such as the proven systems from our main partners, Beckhoff and Siemens, for our daily programming. In doing so, we comply with customer requirements and rely on many years of industrial experience.

Our know-how includes in particular:

  1. Text-based PLC programming (ST/SCL) according to IEC 61131
  2. Graphic PLC programming (LAD, FBS / FUP, AS) according to IEC 61131
  3. High-level language C, C ++, Java
  4. Graphical programming based on LabVIEW

Graphic visualization and evaluation of diagnostic data

Our software engineers will develop the right visualizations tools for you. This can be a user panel for a control system, a user interface at the operator’s workstation or the schematic representation of a process evaluation.

Today’s technology will cover all your needs. Our solution enables you to monitor your system from anywhere, at anytime via your tablet or smartphone.

Industry 4.0

We can collect, analyze and visualize your process data to contribute to the continuous improvement of your products. We can go one step further, by recording system data such as motor currents, temperatures and frequencies and observing their changes. In this way, risk-bearing output channels can be selectively surveilled and therefore assist to avoiding system breakdowns or a production stop at an early stage.

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All systems can be equipped with a secure remote access maintenance. A remote monitoring reduces the reaction time in case of a failure and saves the plant operator costly service interventions. Our software department has also developed the video support system LCAlive!, which interlinks our specialist with your team in real time, at any distance.

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